Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring refers to products manufactured from wood designed for use as flooring materials. Wood, as a flooring material, is a readily available and ubiquitous flooring material choice.

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Hardwood flooring comes from hardwood such as oak, walnut, mahogany, bamboo, maple, and ash wood species. Furthermore, hardwood flooring comes in different color variations, cuts, and styles, all from different wood species. Hardwood flooring enhances the aesthetic and luxurious look of your home, thus adding into the color and beauty of the house. 

Hardwood flooring installation services

Installation of hardwood flooring starts by ensuring the right equipment for use ranging from electrical testers, pneumatic flooring nailer, table saw, air compressor, router blades, saw blades, nails, and wood among others. Using the right equipment ensures doing a great job in installation. The surface for hardwood flooring installation requires careful preparations that provide dry, clean, and even floors. Taking measurements of the room to be floored requires keenness for marking a nailing position. The hardwood flooring then gets installed using spacers between walls and boards, which allows for board expansion. The finish comes as the last step where finishing details traces for contours to be fitted and cut per the installation guide.

Olathe Flooring Company offers professional hardwood flooring installation done by our team of Olathe Flooring Installers. Olathe Flooring Contractors oversees the hardwood flooring installation process, ensuring it follows the set guidelines and procedures for standard services. At Olathe Flooring Company, we pride ourselves on using quality equipment and wood materials, which vary in species in providing quality services at very affordable prices.

Hardwood flooring repair and replacement services

Even quality hardwood floors require repair as they are prone to damage such as gouges, chipping, discoloration, scratches, and dents. Hardwood flooring scratches and gouges result from daily tear and wear losses. As a porous and natural fibrous material, hardwood flooring warps, and, at times, nails loosen due to changes in humidity and temperature. Water damages hardwood resulting in discoloration, water stains, wood mold, flooring boards warp, and buckle. Such issues call for hiring professionals who can deal with such damages on your wood.

Olathe Flooring Contactors removes and replaces severely damaged hard flooring with water. They fix dents, gouges, and discoloration on your hardwood flooring, extending the lifetime of your hardwood flooring. By taking care of these damages, Olathe Flooring Company reduces the risks and hazards brought by chips and dents on your flooring hardwood. In case of scratches, Olathe Flooring Contractors have the right finish to fill them. Olathe Flooring Installers replace over-damaged hardwood flooring with new pieces of wood. Our services are affordable and of high standard quality.

Hardwood flooring inspection services

Hardwood flooring inspection services inspect for finish problems, split checks, gaps due to snugly fitted boards, cupping, and crowning, usually when the centerboard happens to be higher than its edges. Such inspections require a highly experienced contractor who can detect such structural issues of hardwood before they become hazardous to people living in the house. Inspection services give recommendations on what follows next after such problems are detected-hiring the best company to ensure the best results.

At Olathe Flooring Company, we offer professionals inspection services given by our Olathe Flooring Contractor team. They test correctly for any issue with the hardwood flooring and carry the right equipment to collect the root problems. Inspections help manage issues before they become too much and cost you more than they should have. Olathe Flooring Contractor performs meticulous inspection service, giving a comprehensive report and offering recommendations and solutions where issues are detected.

Hardwood flooring maintenance services

For an extended period, hardwood floors require proper care and maintenance. Spills such as water spills on your hardwood flooring require immediate cleaning using a dry cloth. It’s also necessary to avoid spills on wood shrinks and swells, resulting in cupping, gapping, and splitting of your hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring becomes prone to scratches by furniture. Adding furniture pads to your sofas, chairs, tables, and beds ensures fewer scratches on your hardwood flooring. Cleaning and sweeping your hardwood flooring should get done at least twice a week to keep your wood free from dust that dulls the luxurious look of your hardwood flooring. Hiring a cleaning and maintenance company every three months plays a vital role in ensuring the bright outlook of your hardwood flooring. With time, recoating and refurbishing your hardwood flooring can be done by applying a new coat of wood floor finish.

At Olathe Flooring Company, we offer the best and quality maintenance services for your hardwood flooring. Olathe Flooring Contractors provides refurbishing and recoating wood services to ensure your hardwood flooring lasts long and in excellent conditions. Olathe Flooring Company offers meticulous stain removal and hardwood flooring cleaning that ensures your floors are classy and polished. Our maintenance services are customer friendly and very affordable, giving your hardwood flooring a luxurious outlook and a long lifetime. Olathe Flooring Company offers the right maintenance services to ensure you do not spend a lot of money on repairing and replacing your hardwood flooring.


Hardwood flooring offers a combination of the rich, classy, and luxurious outlook for your house by enhancing the dé cor of your furniture. It’s also extreme and durable, giving you the best investment for your floors. Designs, styles, colors, and patterns come in a variety for you to choose from and from different tree species. For these polished looks, hardwood flooring requires proper and regular maintenance and inspection services to ensure your floors are in the right conditions. Repair services also reduce the risks of accidents and danger posed by dents, gaps, and snugly fixed hardwood floors. 

At Olathe Flooring Company, we have the best team of experts of Olathe Flooring Installers and Olathe Flooring Contractors, who deliver high-quality services at affordable prices. All you have to do is to call us and contact our company at Olathe Flooring Company to book our services and for consultations. We provide exclusive Hard Flooring services around Olathe and the entire surrounding where we have gained an immense and positive reputation. Contact us right away for consultation, inquiries, and anything you need to know about Hardwood Flooring where we can start right away to work on your dream Hardwood Flooring.

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